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super cool game

very good

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The students in my Science Discovery video game design class just found your game. They won't quit playing it! Very nice!

You're right I'm a student in "fredgs" class and I'm playing at home now how do you win? Super confused.

I am in "fredgs" class too and I cant figure out how to win either. Can you tell how to please???

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Tag all of the ghosts with the orbs to make the tiles in the treasure room red. Then, head for the treasure room to claim the treasure. To see your progress, press the "down" arrow key while holding "shift" to see the treasure room, then press "down" and "shift" again to return to the normal perspective.

What do we need to do to have you make more games like this?

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hi i feel that this is a great blog because it,s very useful blog for me so i am really inspired with this blog and so nice writing for all visitors again thank,s for the imperative info

it is cool but what do you do

This Game Is Awesome!!!!

doesn't work

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how do you move?

This game is AWESOME!!!

this wont work for me

This is so cool!! I just don't know the object of the game. A description would've helped.


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